009 - Marco Olivier - Never Surrender Man


Opening Bid: 250 000 ZAR


250 000 ZAR
Last Warning!

The Never Surrender Man

"This is my first bronze human body sculpture I created in 2012 called the 'Never Surrender man'."

This piece was one of Marco Olivier's first challenges as an upcoming artist. About two years before he created this piece he had an unexpected, traumatic experience. 

"I lost my family, businesses, courage and myself. Having no money and poring my last bits into my dreams of making it as an artist, I felt like giving up. One day I was walking down the beach feeling hopeless. Feeling like my creativity was blocked and giving up. I saw a man with open arms overlooking the ocean. He looked at me and smiled. And immediately I felt like there was hope for me."

Marco used this peaceful, ensuring experience with the man to craft a sculpture that captures the meaning of perseverance. Marco hopes that the piece inspires more people to never give up on their dreams no matter how tough the circumstances.

The owner of this NFT is entitled to the physical piece at all times. 


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5010 #5010 2022-03-26 18:02:19 250 000
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