003 - Jared x Ryan - Mirror Man II


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70 000 ZAR
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An artwork that’s breeds abstraction and imagination

Mirror Man II is a collaboration between Jared Aufrichtig and Ryan Shava, an artwork that’s breeds abstraction and imagination. 

Jared himself believes Ryan is “born to be a world-famous artist”, leading the two to work together and create both Mirror Man I, and Mirror Man II. Although separated now - both artists are convinced that these pieces will find each other in the future. ‍

While Jared has a renowned reputation in the art industry, Ryan Shava is still very young and is on his way to becoming a maestro in the field. Starting as a street artist, Ryan tagged abstract street poetry all over the streets of Johannesburg. Ryan has since incorporated his street aesthetics into elements of elegance and hefty studio practice.

Mirror Man II was formed on a Fabriano cotton rug, making use of mediums such as 1976 vintage South African newspaper, pastel, oil stick, charcoal, along with Sakura solid-state marker, spray enamel and ink. 

This piece has been animated by Strike animator, Clinton Jones, bringing the artwork to life.

The owner of this NFT will receive the framed original artwork along with the animated digital twin.


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