006 - Chaz Williams - Girl with a Hummingbird


Opening Bid: 60 000 ZAR


60 000 ZAR
Last Warning!

One of Africa's leading fine artists enters the NFT market

This piece represents the toil in the mind of the good and the bad. You have the dark, light, red and the blue colours. Deferent schemes and colours emphasize on the fact that it doesn't matter how beautiful you are or how innocent you may look. There's always a toil between good or bad within each person.

Its your job to choose the right colours for your journey. Each choice will determine a different path.

This piece is a one of a kind, the first edition owner gets a framed copy of the artwork, which must be transferred with the NFT upon resale into perpetuity. 


Bidder No Bidder Time Amount
0 Floor Bidder 2022-03-26 17:51:32 60 000
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